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We Manufacture Polyester / PET strapping of International Standards from suitable Raw material for use in packaging of bales, wooden boxes, cartons, Metal sheets, etc.

We have in-house R&D Facilities and are committed to continuous development of better products for packaging needs.

Poly-strap is manufactured from “PET ” Polyester (Polyethylene terephthalate) which is a new Environment friendly strapping material to substitute Steel Strap and Polypropylene (PP) Strap.

For the advantages it offers , it is being increasingly used in packaging for strapping medium and heavy bales replacing Steel. PET strap has better strength to weight ratio than steel & PP.

PET Strapping
recycled pet strapping high quality packaging weather resistant

Features and Advantages of our PET Straps.

PET is amongst the strongest plastic material.

Quality Standard as per ASTM-D3950-11

High Tensile Breaking Strength & Cambre Free Quality

Weather and UV Resistant, Environment Friendly

Good Economical choice & easy to use

Extremly Safe and Easy to handle

Superior Pliability & Product Protection

AAR (61) Certified Quality

Surface Option - Plain and Textured

It can be easily used with hand held/semi automotive/Automotive and conventional tools

Comparison of PET STRAP over STEEL STRAP

Much lighter in weight with better strength to weight ratio, thus more economical than steel strapping

Does not damage the products as it does not have sharp edge and also does not rust and stain the package

More stable & elastic, thus secures heavy loads over a long period of storage

Safe in handling as it has smooth edges, avoiding injuries.

Has better acceptability in International Markets, replacing Steel

Can be easily applied via manual & automatic tools, can be heat sealed without metal clips

Application of PET STRAPPING

strapping for textile cotton bailing
polyester/pet strapping for timber lumber
strapping for paper , kraft paper rolls and other paper products packaging
polyester pet strap for construction bricks and blocks packaging
strapping for glass and ceramics packaging
strapping for machinery ,steel coils , wire packaging
Strapping for garment and used clothing packaging.
Strapping for tiles and marble packaging

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